About Liz Buchanan



Liz Buchanan went to State school in Derbyshire, qualified as a Veterinary Surgeon in 2005 and worked all over mainland Britain for a decade. 

When she experienced a brain injury in 2018, Liz realised how very few lives run according to plan.   

In the age of social media perfection, any ‘errors’ or problems are often squirreled away;  we can see clips of Olympic marathon-winners racing to victory, but not what they went through to get there.  The achievements of an early-morning runner can often pass unnoticed.  Here we aim to showcase life, achievement and human grit in all of its glory. 

You can read more of Liz’s so-far story here Liz Buchanan, who assembles this blog | (peoplewithgrit.com)  .   She has very supportive family and friends;  she likes walking, running and dancing when nobody’s watching.   For work, she helps strangers with veterinary queries online.