All About Grit




Have YOU got grit? 




I want you to know, that no-one is too famous to be featured on our blog.  Nicola Adams, J.K. Rowling and Malala Yousafzai, I am waiting for all of you to call me.  
However, we mostly aim to showcase less famous people with grit.  No story is too big or too small;  no topic is taboo.  If you have a story of human grit to tell, please get in touch so that we can feature you. 
My aim is to show that whoever you are and whatever is going on on the social media pages, you are actually surrounded by people who have things they find tough – so be kind.  And that, however tough you happen to find things, there is always still a way to succeed. 
We like to feature a range of people, so those who stand out most from those already featured (in terms of age, gender, ethnic group etc.) will always be given priority should time conflict ever arise. 











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