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Caroline Murray, veterinary surgeon

Caroline emigrated to New Zealand and suffered chronic regional pain syndrome after a traumatic distal radial fracture in 2008.     I am a vet. I graduated from Liverpool in 1997 and in 2003 I moved to New Zealand. I did return to England in 2014 when my Dad was ill, but came back again… Continue reading Caroline Murray, veterinary surgeon


Dr. Claire Jones, research chemist

    Claire lost her hearing after contracting meningitis as a small child. She started her undergraduate degree three times and is currently working as a research chemist at the Université de Rennes in France.   There is a place where the hearing live and a place where the deaf live. I have fought against this… Continue reading Dr. Claire Jones, research chemist


Christine, veterinary surgeon

TRIGGER WARNING EATING DISORDERS      I was born in Singapore and grew up in Malaysia.  Ethnically, I am Chinese.  My given name is Kan Huey Sing, but I adopted the nickname “Christine” as I got tired of people not remembering or being able to pronounce my real name. I was home-schooled for secondary school… Continue reading Christine, veterinary surgeon


“Helen,” BVSc (hons), MRCVS

  TRIGGR WARNING – ATTEMPTED SUICIDE   This is the real Helen’s brain.  Her name and some identifying details have been changed.   I’d always been the crazy horsey girl at school, and had it confirmed at university that I wanted to be an equine vet. So when I received a job offer for an equine… Continue reading “Helen,” BVSc (hons), MRCVS


Libby Kemkaran-Thompson MA VetMB MRCVS

Libby lost her income when the twin towers went down.  She became a vet as a mature student and then was hit by a car.   Hello – this is me, Liz, the interviewer, who mostly writes in the first person.  For Libby, there has been a small change of plan.  Not because Libby can’t tell… Continue reading Libby Kemkaran-Thompson MA VetMB MRCVS


“Andrew,” electronic engineer

  I think I have an illness that many doctors don’t believe exists.     ‘Andrew’ will remain anonymous.  I have known him for over ten years;  he is a real person.   Acute Mercury poisoning involves exposure to a large amount of Mercury over a short time period:  people get very ill very quickly.  No-one… Continue reading “Andrew,” electronic engineer


Anne Garage: outdooor swimmer

  Anne – pink wetsuit, on the left at Crookes Valley Park   I’m swimming outdoors right through the winter. I’ve always been a fan of walking around reservoirs and there’s always been a sign saying something like:   ‘Don’t Swim Here. It’s always twelve degrees or less -‘ That’s a lie, by the way, because… Continue reading Anne Garage: outdooor swimmer